24 October 2017: The story of the bear

Somewhere high up in the mountains, there once lived a bear. He had been asleep for very, very, very long. But he was feeling so comfortable in his warm den. He was quite sure that winter must have be... Read More

27 July 2017: Careful and deliberate

The Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged on Wednesday. Furthermore, the Fed announced that it expected to start winding down its massive $4.5 trillion balance sheet ‘relatively soonR... Read More

2 June 2017: Black swan

The last recession (which was named ‘The Great Recession’) ended in June 2009. It was the longest recession since the second World War, as it started in December 2007 and lasted 18 months.... Read More

18 May 2017: Panic!

Words inspired by an eighties hit of The Smiths: Panic on the stock market of Wall Street / Panic on the screens of the NASDAQ / I wonder to myself / Could life ever be sane again? Yesterday, we saw a... Read More