24 August 2016: Jackson Hole

It’s Jackson Hole time again. Will Janet Yellen nail a hole-in-one? To investors and economists, it is probably more exciting than the Olympic Games: this week’s meeting of monetary leader... Read More

12 August 2016: Commodities on the rise

Commodities are also on the rise. They act as a safe haven, but more bubbles are inflating themselves. Not only stock prices are on the rise, also most commodities are much more expensive in comparis... Read More

11 August 2016: Oil is back

In January crude oil was as low as $28 and brought down stock prices big time. Since then oil moved from the spotlight silently, but with production records being set, oil might be back! There are a... Read More

27 July 2016: An Apple a day

As long as there is no significant news to devour for the markets, sentiment will take the markets higher. Apple came with better than expected results after the market close. An Apple a day… T... Read More

30 June 2016: No news = good news

No news used to be… no news. But in a world of cheap money, new thresholds are defined. Nowadays, the absence of news is made into news.   With oil on the rise, the Brexit noise quieting down,... Read More