18 December 2017: The moment of truth

For central banks in the US and around the world, the moment of truth is about to arrive. Years and years of quantitative easing (QE) and keeping interest rates low, have helped the post-subprime cris... Read More

6 October 2016: Europe’s Taper Tantrum

All of a sudden, the term is all over the place. Or at least in Europe: Taper Tantrum. The term is associated with 2013, when the Fed tapered off one of their programs of Quantitative Easing. Inve... Read More

21 September 2016: Blunt

Policy measures of central banks are getting blunt. It is up to governments to take their responsibility for economic policy. What is even worse than the music of James Blunt? A blunt knife. The Ban... Read More

9 September 2016: Mario not that super

ECB president Mario Draghi was not in the mood to add to all the rejoicing that has been going on in the stock markets for almost two months now.  ‘Super’ Mario Draghi, the President of ... Read More