20 June 2016: Identity crisis

Lately, the stock market seems to be suffering from an identity crisis. Bull or bear, it all comes down to the day, and to whom you ask. These Dutch Guys mentioned last week that the first signs of an... Read More

17 June 2016: Lord of the Flies

Saying the Fed has for a long time already painted itself into a most precarious corner is stating the obvious. But, unlike many Fed actions (or the lack thereof) before, for a moment it seemed that t... Read More

16 June 2016: The slow investment movement

Economic growth should be based on sound economic policies and not be dependent on the interventions of central banks. Divination of decisions made by the Federal Reserve is an ominous sign. These ... Read More

15 June 2016: Fool’s Gold?

It’s like a reflex: bad times, gold times! We’ve only had a few days of insecurity and already is the number of articles and news items on gold on the rise (here, here, here, etc.). But i... Read More

10 June 2016: Thor’s Hammer

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays? Well, tell me why I do like Fridays… Because Friday is the odd one out of all workdays. It is half work, half weekend. It is the centaur among the days of... Read More

9 June 2016: Directionless silliness

The markets are really going nowhere. We take one step forward one day and take a step back the next. Luckily our model White Raven makes the best of it. It is all so directionless. Losing it one day,... Read More