1 February 2018: Rate hikes

Yesterday was the last meeting of the Federal Reserve under the direction of Janet Yellen. The Fed did not change interest rates, but expressed the expectation that inflation will reach the much-hoped... Read More

14 December 2017: No surprises

Janet Yellen does not leave the Federal Reserve with a big bang. In what was the final major act of the departing chair of the Fed, she did not come up with any surprises. Janet Yellen announced a thi... Read More

13 December 2017: Yellen’s legacy

It is very likely that the Fed will raise interest rates today. It will be Janet Yellen’s final announcement of a major decision in her position as chair of the Fed. How should we judge her perf... Read More

3 November 2017: The balance of Powell

Breaking news: Donald Trump made a decision on the new Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and he did not do something unexpected. Jerome H. Powell will be the successor to ... Read More

21 September 2017: The great unwinding

Yesterday, Fed president Janet Yellen announced that the Federal Reserve will start unwinding its huge asset portfolio commencing in October. The reaction of stock markets was mixed. In the first 25 m... Read More