1 February 2018: Rate hikes

Yesterday was the last meeting of the Federal Reserve under the direction of Janet Yellen. The Fed did not change interest rates, but expressed the expectation that inflation will reach the much-hoped... Read More

30 January 2018: Doubt

With the current valuations, not much is needed to put doubt (and caution) into the heads of investors. One day they think: these stock prices are fully justified, look at the economy, look at the fis... Read More

26 January 2018: Wrong glasses

Many stock market analysts consider stock prices to be excessively high at the moment. And if we take a look at the graph below, how could we question their opinion? The graph represents the historic ... Read More

25 January 2018: Sit and wait

The US stock markets have been somewhat directionless the last couple of days, especially if compared to the surge patterns of the previous period. Yesterday’s trading session was three sessions... Read More