Do It Yourself


The results that can be achieved with our model White Chapel can also be within your reach. Because These Dutch Guys are totally transparent about the trades they make, it is not very difficult for you to copy their strategy. And you can do that without any further obligations.

However, we should be clear about the following: results achieved in the past are no guarantee for the future. Please take note of our disclaimer.

Steps to follow

    1. Make sure White Chapel is the right investment strategy for you by doing the test at the bottom of this page.
    2. Decide for yourself, which of the models fits you best. Each of the models (Danny, Anny, Suzy and Larry) has its own menu entry. A detailed explanation of each model can be found there.
    3. Open an account at a stock broker.
    4. Follow our blog and pay special attention to the signals that are given by the model of your choice. If one or more of our models give a trading signal, these icons can be found in a blog post: .
    5. A new blog post is published every trading day around lunchtime (EST). If a trading signal is part of a blog post, make sure that you follow that signal the same trading day. A typical signal will advise us to sell the securities that we currently hold and to either buy securities of the opposite nature, or switch to a cash position. For example, if we use the ‘Danny Daredevil’ model, and hold inverse ETNs (XIV), we will sell those and buy volatile ETFs (UVXY). And if we use the ‘Adventurous Anny’ or ‘Solid Suzy’ model, we would sell our inverse ETNs (XIV) and keep cash instead.
    6. The full name of XIV ETNs is VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short Term ETNs. Their International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is US22542D7957. Full name of UVXY ETFs is ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETFs. ISIN is US74347W1633.

Good to know

  • Historical backtesting has shown that White Chapel is able to achieve great results. However, the model is not perfect and the future can introduce more insecurity than the past has shown.
  • Drawbacks can and, very likely, will occur. Although our backtests have shown that in the previous 22 years, there has not been a single calendar year with a negative return, there have been parts of years that did have negative returns. A drawback of 75 percent is possible. Great returns come with greater risks.
  • The model acts cool and collected. No human interpretation or consideration plays a role in our strategy. The choices that are made by the model may not always seem very logical. However, in the long run, the trades that turn out to be profitable outnumber those which make a loss. Don’t be headstrong and/or think that you can outsmart the model.
  • If you run into losses, do not despair. Stick to the strategy.
  • Did we already advise you to read the disclaimer?

Put yourself to the test!

By answering 11 questions, you will have an idea if your skin is thick enough to invest with White Chapel‘s trading strategy. These Dutch Guys advise you to stay away from investing with White Chapel (and even from stock investing in general) as far as you can, in case your score is lower than 60.

Maximum: 100 points