1 January 2018: Review of Q4 and 2017

The fourth quarter of 2017 saw an (intensified) extension of the so-called Trump rally that started almost a year earlier. Companies reported solid earnings and the passage of a tax-reform (a lowered ... Read More

2 October 2017: Review of Q3

The stock market euphoria obviously did not hit a ceiling in the third quarter of 2017. This second-longest bull market in history, though showing signs of fatigue, made new highs during Q3 (against a... Read More

3 July 2017: Review of Q2

The remarkable rise in optimism following the election of Donald Trump as US President November last year, led to euphoria in the markets. This renewal in business confidence had a soothing effect on ... Read More

3 April 2017: Review of Q1

The first quarter of 2017 marked the end of These Dutch Guys‘ single model approach. Up until 6 March, our model White Chapel came in one form only (“any color so long as it is black”, as He... Read More

1 January 2017: Review of Q4 and 2016

The fourth quarter put the crown on what was a pretty good year for White Chapel. The final result for Q4 of 2016 was a gain of 31.6% (which amounts to an average annual return of 205%). The main eve... Read More