26 January 2018: Wrong glasses

Many stock market analysts consider stock prices to be excessively high at the moment. And if we take a look at the graph below, how could we question their opinion? The graph represents the historic ... Read More

12 January 2018: Bonds

For a few days, it looked like US bonds were about to enter a bear market. The yields on US government debt had been falling for more than thirty years and at the beginning of this week it seemed like... Read More

5 January 2018: MiFID II, part 2

Yesterday, in the first part of our blog post, we wrote about MiFID II. As a result of this piece of European legislation, a large number of brokers across Europe have stopped offering American ETFs, ... Read More

29 December 2017: 2017 in keywords

In our first post of the new year, we will do a full review of 2017. But in this last post of 2017, we will summarize the year in keywords, as discussed in the daily blog posts by These Dutch Guys: fa... Read More