5 February 2018: Reality check

For almost as long as These Dutch Guys are reporting on the comings and goings of the stock market, the word fear has been virtually absent in the vocabulary of investors. No terrorism, hurricanes, Ru... Read More

30 January 2018: Doubt

With the current valuations, not much is needed to put doubt (and caution) into the heads of investors. One day they think: these stock prices are fully justified, look at the economy, look at the fis... Read More

17 January 2018: Nervousness

With the rise of the markets comes uncertainty among investors. These Dutch Guys are aware of investors in their surroundings who converted their stock portfolio into cash because of the high stock pr... Read More

3 January 2018: The Big Question for 2018

Some say that the US economy is going better than anyone ever dreamed, because companies are coming back to the US, stock markets keep hitting all-time highs, and jobs are kicking in. Business sentime... Read More