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These Dutch Guys use insights from psychologyadvanced computer models, large data sets and thorough testing to achieve annual returns of over 200 percent in stock market trading.

Amazed, curious, skeptical? Follow our daily blog posts to see for yourself how we achieve these remarkable results. Each and every trade we make and the results we achieve from that can be found on our blog.

Our daily blog post comes online every weekday around lunchtime (Eastern Standard Time).

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RS_v05-smallRené: is the Master of Momentum @ These Dutch Guys; ideator; 25+ years of experience in IT; quadrilingual; loves math, nature, mountain biking, old paper books and celluloid movies, mechanical watches and everything Japan; favorite OS: Arch Linux. Contact: rene@thesedutchguys.com.

TA_v05-smallTim: is the Sultan of Swing Trading @ These Dutch Guys; his experience in stock market trading dates back to 1987; holds a Ph.D.; was a scientist, manager & strategist in previous lives; loves running, hiking & cycling; OS of choice: Fedora LXDE. Contact: tim@thesedutchguys.com.

These Dutch Guys are located in the Netherlands, Europe.