29 December 2017: 2017 in keywords

In our first post of the new year, we will do a full review of 2017. But in this last post of 2017, we will summarize the year in keywords, as discussed in the daily blog posts by These Dutch Guys: fa... Read More

28 December 2017: SPAR

Some shops are deemed to vanish, but some others appear to have a second breath. Yesterday, we discussed the case of the department store. Today, we will address the small supermarket. Until a decade ... Read More

27 December 2017: At bay

Not so long ago, a brand new subsidiary of Hudson’s Bay was opened in Tim’s hometown. This Canadian chain of department stores wants to gain a foothold in Europe. Many of the new stores in... Read More

22 December 2017: No volatility

Sometimes a picture tells more than a zillion words. The graph below is on volatility. The blue line is stock market volatility in 2017, as measured by the VIX, the so-called fear index compiled by CB... Read More