31 October 2017: Calm before the storm?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (in short: the Dow) set another record yesterday, with a historic period of relative tranquility on Wall Street. The Dow has experienced 51 consecutive trading sessio... Read More

30 October 2017: A/2017 U1

Mysterious object seen speeding past sun could be ‘visitor from another star system.’ — The Guardian Visitor from Far, Far Away: Interstellar Object Spotted in Our Solar System. — Spac... Read More

26 October 2017: Turbulence

Yesterday was a turbulent session for stock markets in the US. Shortly before the lunch break, it was unclear what was going to happen. The volatility index had rapidly gained almost 20% and you could... Read More

25 October 2017: Ultimate machines

These Dutch Guys are a fan of open source. Today, it was announced that Ultimaker, a Dutch company which is the global market leader in the field of compact 3D printers, received a private equity inv... Read More

24 October 2017: The story of the bear

Somewhere high up in the mountains, there once lived a bear. He had been asleep for very, very, very long. But he was feeling so comfortable in his warm den. He was quite sure that winter must have be... Read More