31 August 2017: A classic bubble

Last weekend, Tim went to a barbecue at his wife’s company. He had an interesting conversation with the spouse of one of his wife’s colleagues on purchasing cryptocurrencies. This guy was ... Read More

30 August 2017: Mirrored patterns

Yesterday’s volatility in the stocks markets mirrored its cause: its pattern looked like a missile that got launched, flew a while and then finally crashed into sea. The VIX was pre-market up mo... Read More

29 August 2017: Rising volatility

If you are interested in volatility movements in the stock markets, like the authors of this blog, you cannot overlook the military activity in North Korea of recent time. Yesterday, Pyongyang decide... Read More

28 August 2017: Back to business

The summer holiday season — traditionally a period with low volatility — ends this week. What will be on investors’ minds when they get back to work? No doubt, Category 4 Hurricane Harvey is... Read More

25 August 2017: Exegesis

US market indices closed slightly lower Thursday. Investors are in a standstill-mode, waiting for the outcomes of the symposium of central bankers in Jackson Hole. They will listen very closely to the... Read More