29 June 2017: Stock picking

At These Dutch Guys, we do not practice stock picking. The recently presented results from research by a professor from Arizona State University makes clear why it is not such a good idea to pick sto... Read More

28 June 2017: Holiday

Investors are getting increasingly critical about President Trump’s ability to get through proposals that stimulate business in the US. The now more than likely delay of ‘Trumpcare’ ... Read More

27 June 2017: Sharpe ratio

The Sharpe ratio is a way to examine the performance of an investment by adjusting for its risk. It is calculated by dividing the excess average return of an asset through its standard deviation. Ge... Read More

26 June 2017: Bla bla

The new week will kick off with a three-day European Central Bank (ECB) meeting in Portugal on investment and growth in advanced economies. Investors will be on the lookout for any indication from Mar... Read More

23 June 2017: Close to a meltdown?

Stock prices have been rising and rising the last seven months. Investors have been very enthusiastic. The crucial question is: have they become overenthusiastic, have we reached the state of euphoria... Read More