28 April 2017: US Steel

Share prices of US Steel plunged more than 25% after the release of its earnings report. The company reported a quarterly loss of $1.03 per share, where analysts were expecting a quarterly profit of 3... Read More

27 April 2017: Hunger

Donald Trump has promised groundbreaking tax plans that will be good to business and the US economy. But the Donald is taking his time to get more specific about his plans. After the problems he has h... Read More

26 April 2017: Geopolitical issues???

It feels like it has been months and months ago that markets worried about geopolitical issues: Syria, North Korea and the like. But it was in fact less than two weeks ago that it looked like we ... Read More

25 April 2017: Huge drop in volatility

A day like Monday demonstrated what can happen to volatility when a big cloud is no longer blocking the sun. The VIX, a gauge of expected stock-market volatility, saw its biggest one-day plunge in mor... Read More

24 April 2017: Macron

The outcome of the first round of the French presidential elections yesterday can be called revolutionary. It meant a huge defeat for the two center-right and center-left groupings that have dominated... Read More

21 April 2017: Vive la France

Investors are keeping a close eye on the first leg of the France’s presidential election to be held this weekend. Of the four candidates who are most likely to reach the second round, two h... Read More