31 March 2017: Sentiment

As These Dutch Guys know all too well, stock markets are about sentiment. Donald Trump’s election has given a strong boost to stock investors’ sentiment so far. Trump’s defeats of late, ... Read More

30 March 2017: Goldilocks

In an interview at Yahoo Finance, San Francisco Fed President John Williams is asked if he thinks the US economy is in a Goldilocks state right now. He answers affirmative. “I want to see an eco... Read More

28 March 2017: Market shake

For the first time since the surprise election of Donald Trump, stock markets shook yesterday. The VIX fluctuated as much as 21%. Investors have a difficult time to determine what to make of Friday... Read More

27 March 2017: Watershed?

President Donald Trump failed to reform the healthcare system. He suffered a tough defeat in the House of Representatives at the end of last week. True to form, the Donald seeks revenge and he predict... Read More

24 March 2017: Trump card

President Donald Trump is already playing his trump card: he threatened that if his party colleagues in the House of Representatives vote against his proposal to reform healthcare, they will be stuck ... Read More