21 February 2017: Court jester

In Dutch, there is a saying Met zulke vrienden heb je geen vijanden nodig (“With friends like these, you do not need any enemies”). More and more the following paraphrase becomes relevant: With a President like this, who needs enemies? Donald Trump’s presidency is characterized by suspicion, hostility and innuendo. Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz notices that a growing number of people in the US, but also globally, have become united in their aversion of Donald Trump and his team. Does that explain the relative calm, that surprisingly enough is predominant, not only in the stock markets, but in political and societal arenas in general? Or are Donald Trump’s diatribes in public and his nightly Twitter outbursts just totally out of all proportion? And has the Donald made a court jester out of himself: entertaining, but not to be taken seriously?

white-chapel-logo-smallMarkets were closed on Monday. Last Friday’s session started in negative territory, but at the close all major indices were in the green. The Dow recorded a minor gain (0.02%), but the S&P 500 (+0.17%) and the NASDAQ (+0.41%) made more substantial gains. Our UVXY ETFs also added some value to our portfolio (+0.70%), which rose to $32,167: a return of 222% since the start at 1 January 2016.
Our model White Chapel has made the turn toward a trading signal, but is not quite there yet. So we stick with our UVXY ETFs. So far, the current trade has accumulated a return of 13%. Will this short trading week bring more volatility?

Accumulated capital at close of previous trading day

Return since start

Return this year

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Our initial capital was $10,000 at 1 January 2016. Our average Annual Return is 180%.

These Dutch Guys had a meeting last Saturday. Tim jumped on his bike for a 30-kilometer ride during which he encountered some foggy weather. He took a scenic tourist route through the beautiful farmlands, forests and villages that the heart of the southern province of Brabant has to offer. Just before he arrived at René’s place, Tim had to cross the river Mark. He enjoyed a nice view from the bridge over the water and the fields covered in the mist.