2 February 2017: House of Commons approves Brexit

Yesterday evening, the British parliament did not block the UK’s departure from the European Union. A vast majority of Honourable Members followed the outcome of last year’s referendum on the Brexit. The processes can be set in motion that will detach the UK from the rest of Europe, metaphorically speaking, at the earliest at the end of 2018. Many UK citizens, including those who voted in favor of the Brexit, have started smelling a rat, now they have seen themselves confronted with the consequences. But this was no reason for British parliamentarians to change their mind. It will be an uncertain adventure and in the long run, we can be sure that it will be damaging to the economy of the UK (and maybe to that of the EU), but this is what the people wanted. Only time can tell if this is what history needed.

white-chapel-logo-smallAfter the turmoil at the beginning of the week that followed Trump’s immigration decision, it was back to normal in the markets yesterday. Facebook posted better than expected results, the Fed decided to let interest rates unchanged and all major US indices booked gains. As a result, volatility eased and lowered deeper into the elevens at 11.81 (-1.50%). Our UVXY ETFs lost 3%. Return since the start is now at 175%, return for the year at -32%.
White Chapel is very close to a trading signal and will reach the threshold tomorrow, apart from exceptional cases.

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Our initial capital was $10,000 at 1 January 2016. Our average Annual Return is 153%.

ta_v05-small-invGefundenes Fressen II

Last August, in a blogpost that described a visit to IKEA, Tim introduced his love for taking pictures of Gefundenes Fressen, food that can be found on the floor, on the streets, etc. In hindsight, that was part I of an irregularly appearing series of pictures that will be published in this blog. Gefundenes Fressen (‘Found Food’) does not concern (pieces of) food thrown away on purpose, such as leftovers of hamburgers or almost empty cola bottles. Today: part II.