23 January 2017: A new era?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination in 1914, more than 100 years ago now, marked the beginning of a new era. Some argue that the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 put an end to that era. In hindsight, the last few decades should rather be considered a continuation of that era instead of a break with the past. In his inaugural address as the new US President, Donald Trump asserted a “right of all nations to put their own interests first.” This rhetoric is in its bad version a return to a past of strong men and competing countries. But in a more positive version, we might be entering a new era. A period characterized by a more balanced version of globalization, in which not only free markets rule, but strong governments reclaim some of the lost power in name of their citizens.

white-chapel-logo-smallLast Friday, stock prices recovered from the losses they ran into the day before. All major US indices posted gains between 0.28% and 0.48%. The VIX closed substantially lower, losing almost 10%. Our UVXY ETFs closed lower almost 8%. Return since the start of our model dropped to 224%. Return for the year is just above -20%.
White Chapel is moving closer to a trading signal, but is not likely to reach it within the upcoming days.

Accumulated capital at close of previous trading day

Return since start

Return this year

Return this quarter





Our initial capital was $10,000 at 1 January 2016. Our average Annual Return is 204%.

Last Thursday, Tim went to the new year’s reception of Ateliers Tilburg, an organization which manages and rents some 250 studios for artists in his hometown. The reception took place in the recently acquired building, the former 3 Suisses factory. The property manager gave Tim a personal tour which ended at the top floor. Since the building is close to the (former) edge of town, Tim was able to take a nice picture of the skyline of his hometown.


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