20 January 2017: The day you knew that would come

So, there you are. You have seen this moment so often in your dreams. There it is. The day you knew that would come is finally there. Are you ready for it? Is it really possible to be so?
There you are, every person has a duty in his life. You have done everything to prepare yourself. There it is. You promise that you will give your everything. Every step you have taken led to this place. Look around you, we will walk with you.
Through the rain and the wind, I will stand next to you. I’ll project you against whatever will come. I’ll wake while you are asleep. I will protect you from the storm. Will keep you safe as long as you live. One struggle, two lives. We are there for each other, unbreakable.

white-chapel-logo-smallAll major US indices closed down, losing 0.34% on average. Our UVXY ETFs finally reaped the benefits from the change in mood among investors as it added 2%. Return since the start is again above 250%. Return for the quarter is at -13%.
White Chapel is moving closer toward a change of momentum, but is not quite there. No trading signal was given at the end of yesterday’s trading session by our model.

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Our initial capital was $10,000 at 1 January 2016. Our average Annual Return is 229%.


René’s Reflections @ Friday: Experiment

Donald Trump is being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States at this very time. This presidential run has been unprecedented in numerous ways. I’m not going to sum them all up, as this would be a repetition of the obvious. But there are some elements in this context that I would like to highlight though.
Like the fact that this will be the first US President to step into office without any previous government employment, nor any political or military experience. Whether this will be an advantage or a disadvantage remains to be seen, but the “learning-by-doing” factor will – most likely – play a factor of importance in this presidency.
Also the fact that, looking at politics from a pure business perspective, the new President (after taking office) plans a complete overhaul of many existing policies. There’s a saying: “Don’t fix what ain’t broken.” Only time can tell what was broken, and what wasn’t, and which fix was worse than the problem it was meant to solve.
And last but not least, his “new ways” to interact with the press, as well as the world’s political leaders, which he showed even before the inauguration date. Will he be able to build bridges rather than walls?
Given the fact that there are so many absolute novelties in place here, what does this all mean? To me, it is like witnessing an experiment in politics. A radical change, where suddenly a totally different tack is taken, and almost all variables involved are changed at the same time. The outcome could go either way. I sincerely hope it will eventually turn out to be “the right way”.
Yet, coming from an IT background, I believe that changing too many variables at once, leads to unpredictable results by definition. In this particular case, I think that it is more likely that the outcome of this political experiment will be one of extremes: either very bad or very good, rather than “just a bit better or worse”. We will see, four years from now, how history has unfolded! (Though, according to some, we won’t have to wait that long…)