12 January 2017: Health stocks hit by Trump

Once again, investors reacted strongly to remarks made by President-elect Donald Trump. This time, stocks from companies in the health sector took a blow on the chin. Donald Trump said pharmaceutical companies were “getting away with murder” by charging high prices. It is unprecedented that a President-elect has so much influence on stock markets. During his first press conference as President-elect yesterday, Trump repeated what he said when he announced that he was running for president seven months ago: “I will be greatest jobs president God ever created”. It is to be seen if he will be able to live up to these big words, but it is very likely that in his role as President, Donald Trump will be the Master of Stock Markets.

white-chapel-logo-smallAlthough the S&P 500 healthcare index ended yesterday’s session down 1 percent, most S&P sectors closed higher. The S&P 500 gained 0.28 percent, the Dow closed up 0.5 percent and the NASDAQ added 0.21 percent. Volatility eased: the VIX lost exactly 2% and our UVXY ETFs, which were in the green for most of the day, closed 4% lower. Return since the start dropped to below 250% and our return for the year once again is below -10% at -13.5%.
White Chapel did not give a trading signal at the end of Wednesday’s session.

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Our initial capital was $10,000 at 1 January 2016. Our average Annual Return is 235%.

ta_v05-small-invTim had not been aware of it before, but when he took the color (!) picture below at his favorite lake, he realized that snow not only has the ability to make the world white, but also to make it black & white.