31 January 2017: Trump euphoria?

Yesterday, it was really the first time that Donald Trump’s decisions were a reason for concern to investors. It was something that had been expected for long, but never seemed to materialize. What ... Read More

30 January 2017: Contrarian

Over a week of President Donald Trump makes clear that he is everything that his predecessors were not. Although many people are surprised, confused or perplexed (and some are surprised, confused and ... Read More

27 January 2017: 10,000

March 1999: the Dow reached 10,000. Now, almost 18 years later, the Dow doubled its value. The feelings of investors were somewhat different in 1999. It were the days of unrestrained euphoria and the ... Read More

26 January 2017: 20,000

The Dow closed for the first time above 20,000 points. It is not something most investors would have expected shortly after Donald Trump’s election victory. What will it bring? Will it confirm t... Read More

25 January 2017: Calm before the storm?

TPP? Torn. TTIP? Banned to the ’round shaped archive’. NAFTA? Renégotiate. US President Trump is turning free trade agreements into minced meat. This is not surprising, given Trump’... Read More

24 January 2017: What goes down…

Our model, White Chapel, is based on volatility. It makes a prediction about when volatility will go up and when it will go down. The VIX, also know as the fear gauge, is a widely recognized measure f... Read More