8 December 2016: Trumponomics

capital-pYesterday, markets had a very good day: gains all over the place. The fear for the election of Donald Trump as the new US President has definitely been replaced by something we might call euphoria. Is it because it is becoming more and more clear what the policies of the Donald, Trumponomics, might look like? His populism has weakened since his victory and the previous weeks have shown that all matters related to money are Trump’s key focus: tax reforms, reduction of regulations, federal investments in infrastructure, billionaires at the steering wheel in the US administration. Although it is totally unclear what this will bring, we can understand the positive mood that has come over investors in the US. This is what promise looks like, written with a capital P.

white-chapel-logo-smallThe Trump rally resumed yesterday and all major US indices made substantial gains of more than 1%. Volatility was not able to get much lower in the end: the VIX added more than 3.5% and our inverse XIV ETN made a small loss: -0.2%. Return for the year slightly dropped to 342%.
White Chapel is getting closer and closer to a change of momentum. But for the moment, we stick with our XIV ETNs. 

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Our initial capital was $10,000 at 1 January 2016. Our average Annual Return is 398%.

RS_v05-smallIt is probably hardly imaginable, but even in our highly technological day and age, old computer systems are still being used in business critical production environments. Maintenance of such systems can be a pretty daunting task. Given their limited capabilities, performing even the most basic tasks on them, often turns out to be challenging puzzle.
In case you buy building materials in Belgium, chances are that your invoice will we processed by a Unix server that was set up more than 20 years ago. The mere fact that this system is still working like a champ after so many years, can be called nothing short of a miracle. Day in, day out, it spits out invoices and cash receipts like clockwork. And it does that in a dusty environment.
The old adage “never change a winning team” is sometimes taken a bit too literally. In this particular case, a defective tapestreamer could not be replaced anymore, and the company data could no longer be reliably backed up. René was asked to work out a solution. The challenge was to generate an off-premise backup without the help of a backup medium, of a server hard disk with ample free space, while remotely connected to a PC workstation in the network.
Faced with this kind of challenge, René is in his element. While working it out, he had a deja vu experience: the process of manoeuvring data reminded him strongly of playing Sokoban, a DOS game he used to play back in the 1980’s. The objective of this game is to push boxes to their designated locations. But your movements are limited by walls, other boxes, yourself, as well as your previous movements (boxes you moved before can block your way later). René remembers it as an addictive game: the higher the level, the more it becomes a brain teaser. And you wouldn’t stop until you finally cracked the level. Which made you curious how difficult the next level could be. Next stop for René: Sokoban on iPad!