5 december 2016: Should Trump be taken seriously?

trump-seriousIn the US, there is a debate going on whether or not Donald Trump’s election rhetoric should be taken seriously or not. Or should his words during the election campaign even be taken literally? The Mexican wall, the protectionism, Hillary sent to jail, etc., etc. To investors, this is also a serious matter. If everything that Trump proposed during his campaign (and on Twitter) should become reality, it might be so disruptive to the US economy, that Trump’s policies will harm it. That would be bad to stock prices. If all of it should not be taken seriously at all, let alone literally, it could result in another four (or eight?) years of a stalling economy. Then the air that has been pumped in stock prices in the last few months, will slowly but surely be released. That would also be bad news to investors. So, to them, the best scenario would be that Trump himself is not taking everything literally that he has said during the last half year. But it could be positive, if he would make serious work of a number of his proposals. That might give the US economy a much needed push without the risk of scaring the sh*t out of every CEO, foreign leader or investor.

white-chapel-logo-smallLast Friday, US markets went up and down and up again. And they ended basically flat. The S&P 500 (+0.04%) and the NASDAQ (+0.09%) made very small gains and the Dow (-0.11%) posted a minor loss. Volatility hardly changed and our XIV ETNs ended almost flat (-0.05%). As a result our return for the year remained at +303%.
Our model, White Chapel, is still comfortable with our possession of XIV ETNs. No signal was given at the end of Friday’s trading session.

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Our initial capital was $10,000 at 1 January 2016. Our average Annual Return is 361%.

ta_v05-small-invLast Thursday, Tim went to a symposium organized by students of the Academy for Art, Communication and Design (ArtCoDe) in his hometown. The subject of the symposium was manipulation.
Julian van Buul and Vincent Vriens, also known as Beeldjutters (literally: ‘Beachcombers of images’), gave a presentation on the way they make their art, which consists basically of video installations that interact with their surroundings. Julian and Vincent use input, in terms of images and sounds, from those same surroundings. They use that input directly or as a source of inspiration. Beeldjutters made video installations for the famous Oerol Festival at the island of Terschelling. On that occasion, they projected scenes from the sea at the dunes of the island.
In the picture below, a projection can be seen which they created for another project: a cooperation with a cook. The atmosphere during dinner adjusted itself to the dishes which were being served.
Another part of the symposium was on hypnosis: a show staged by Belgian hypnotist Patrick Pickart. However, Tim cannot remember that much of that performance…