28 September 2016: Clinton is the winner

Hillary’s debate performance had a positive effect on the stock markets.

clintonInvestors appeared to be happy with Hillary Clinton’s performance in the Presidential election’s debate last Monday evening. Data on consumer confidence also added to the good mood among investors. The effect of events like these will not be very long, however. Expect stock prices to re-rebound the upcoming days. And to re-re-rebound after that. We will probably have to wait till the start of 2017 for some more structural guidance in the markets. If the Fed indeed raises interest rates in December, we might be taking a step toward more ordinary market conditions, in which the state of the economy and earnings figures of companies do matter. In which a growth of the economy will have a positive effect on stock prices. But until then we are condemned to 2016, the year that has been taken hostage by the Fed.

white-chapel-logo-smallStocks rebounded yesterday and gained what they lost the trading day before. All major US indices won 0.6% or more. Volatility eased and both the VIX and our UVXY ETFs lost around 10%. Return for the year is back at just above 200%. White Chapel did not give a signal; it is expecting more volatility.

Accumulated capital at close of previous trading day

Return since start

Return this year

Return this quarter





Our initial capital was $10,000 at 1 January 2016. Our average Annual Return is 352%.

RS_v05-smallRené visited BredaPhoto, a biannual international photo festival that takes place on several locations in the city center of Breda as well as in the newly developed Belcrum area near the city’s Central Station. BredaPhoto offers a wide variety of photographers, both “fresh” and “arrived”. In past editions, photo’s from artists like Martin Parr, Carl De Keyzer, Pieter Hugo, Bloomberg and Chanarin, Todd Hido and Yamamoto Masao were on exhibition.caravan
This year, René was most surprised (and impressed) by CARAVAN – Bending & Stretching the Rules, “a mobile platform for artistic productions”, made by two artists, Pauline Niks and Jesse Cremers. In January 2015, they decided to start creating works of art, such as photographs, sculptures and performances, from their caravan during a six month trip to Stockholm.
The info board at their BredaPhoto installation reads: “They met a lot of curious and friendly people, but were also confronted with the cold corporate culture of companies. They decided to form their own company: CARAVAN, with its own corporate identity, a logo (“a typical CARAVAN icon with a chimney”) and company clothing. CARAVAN became an umbrella brand for everything that’s connected to the caravan, like the photo series Bending and Stretching the Rules (2016) they made for BredaPhoto.
To Pauline and Jesse, René would like to say: “Keep up the spirit!”