20 September 2016: Waiting

Monday ended just like it started. Investors are waiting for the outcomes of the meetings of the Japanese and American central banks.

waitingSome days might as well not have existed. Yesterday, investors in the US dared not to move, ahead of the two day meetings of the central banks in the US and Japan, which have started today. To lower or not to lower (Japan) and to raise or not to raise (US), those are the questions concerning the interest rates in those countries. It won’t be before early Wednesday morning and late Wednesday afternoon respectively, that we have more clarity about the actions that will be taken by the two central banks. We should not be surprised if this Tuesday is another day that is of no significance at all. You might as well go outside today and lean against a tree.

white-chapel-logo-smallAhead of the meeting of the U.S. central bank on Tuesday and Wednesday, the major US indices hardly moved yesterday. The S&P lost 0.04 points, which amounts to  -0.00%. The Dow lost -0.02% and the NASDAQ Composite 0.18%. Investors are obviously holding their horses. The VIX  was on the rise in the second half of the session and added 1.04%. Our UVXY ETFs lost 5%. Traders in short term volatility futures are apparently betting on no action by the Fed this month. Return for the year is now at 285%. White Chapel did not give a signal yesterday and is underlining our current possession of UVXY ETFs.

Accumulated capital at close of previous trading day

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Our initial capital was $10,000 at 1 January 2016. Our average Annual Return is 569%.

silhouetten these dutch guys klein

These Dutch Guys had another meeting in the outdoors yesterday. The weather was not as tropical as a week ago, but still very mild for the time of year. A very nice panorama provided inspiration for a long and pleasant conversation about the future plans of These Dutch Guys. For a start: 1 October will be a special day. Keep an eye on our blog…