30 September 2016: Deutsche troubles

The problems of Deutsche Bank are bringing back memories. Forget the Fed, forget oil… Banks are grabbing all the attention of investors right now. And echo’s from what happened with banks... Read More

29 september 2016: Compliance failures

The Fed is grabbing the attention of investors: this time with an inquiry into compliance failures at US banks. The attention of investors has moved away from the Fed to oil. But it looks like the F... Read More

27 September 2016: Hillary and Donald

Uncertainty about the outcome of the US Presidential elections is causing nervousness among investors. The run-up to the US Presidential elections is making investors nervous. Almost a quarter of the... Read More

26 September 2016: Oil is spoiling

With the news about the Fed out of sight, investors turn their focus on oil.  Now that there will be no Fed news for quite some time, investors have to look for other clues. And the focus last Friday... Read More

23 September 2016: Election in focus

The Fed has been quite dominant on the minds of investors this year. The next two months this will change. The outcomes of the Fed’s meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday were still on the mind of ... Read More