30 August 2016: Like it’s $19.99

We’re gonna party like it’s $19.99. 1999 in investing was a completely different story compared to 2016… or not?  In 1999, the NASDAQ jumped 86% percent: a rise that exceeded the... Read More

29 August 2016: Fasten your seat belts

Last Friday started like this: “Fasten your seat belts, because there’s turbulence ahead in the stock markets!” But it ended with a soft landing. It was a turbulent day, last Friday. T... Read More

26 August 2016: Paralyzed

It is no good when investors are in despair without the guidance of the Fed. Yesterday was the epitome of the comprehensive powers of central banks these days. Investors were mainly paralyzed, pendin... Read More

25 August 2016: Stop digging!

If you find yourself in a hole, and you don’t stop digging, you will never find your way out. We’re on a road to nowhere Come on inside Taking that ride to nowhere We’ll take that ri... Read More

24 August 2016: Jackson Hole

It’s Jackson Hole time again. Will Janet Yellen nail a hole-in-one? To investors and economists, it is probably more exciting than the Olympic Games: this week’s meeting of monetary leader... Read More