29 July 2016: FAG is delivering. Again.

Whatever the circumstances, Facebook, Amazon and Google keep posting great results. Great leadership and an irrefutable drive to innovate pay for themselves. FAG is delivering. Again. Facebook: ̶... Read More

27 July 2016: An Apple a day

As long as there is no significant news to devour for the markets, sentiment will take the markets higher. Apple came with better than expected results after the market close. An Apple a day… T... Read More

26 July 2016: Where’s the economy?

The global economy is going through major transformations. The presidential candidates of both the Republican and Democratic party seem to be unaware of what is going on outside of the US. The Democ... Read More

25 July 2016: NASDAQ at 5,415 points

According to Yahoo! Finance the NASDAQ had reached 5,400 yesterday. Error or farsightedness? Yesterday, when we took a look at Yahoo! Finance, we noticed that the NASDAQ had reached an all time high... Read More

22 July 2016: Overheating

The heat at Wall Street is increasing. But what is the problem with that? “Wall Street is overheating”. Not because of the weather, but because of the unstoppable rise of stock prices. Wel... Read More