30 June 2016: No news = good news

No news used to be… no news. But in a world of cheap money, new thresholds are defined. Nowadays, the absence of news is made into news.   With oil on the rise, the Brexit noise quieting down,... Read More

29 June 2016: The new new normal

Nothing seems to be normal these days: stock prices going up that are supposed to go down. Rain that is pouring down as if the Great Flood is forthcoming. Should we prepare ourselves for new realit... Read More

24 June 2016: Surprise, surprise

The result of the EU referendum was a surprise to many, even to campaigners in favor of a Brexit. Surprises, in the appearance of either fortunes or disasters, happen. The value of a surprise only rev... Read More

23 June 2016: A heart full of anticipation

A heart full of anticipation: that is what markets are best characterized by today. The result of the referendum will not be clear before somewhere after midnight. However, investors are betting big o... Read More